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In Conversation Dec. 14: Materials in the Hands of Artists: Josh Faught, Ramoken O’Arwisters and Annabeth Rosen

The “To The Point” program series:

Saturday, December 14, 2019, 2:00 pm
Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101 Auditorium

Free and open to the public – Directions

In recent years, craft-based practitioners have been tapping conventions and overturning expectations of the artistic range of traditional materials such as clay and fiber. Three Bay Area artists—Josh Faught, Ramoken O’Arwisters and Annabeth Rosen—are in the forefront of these contemporary experimental and conceptual methodologies that extend beyond historical forms such as vessels and tapestries. Maintaining a commitment to the labor of making by hand, their works go beyond personal expression to encompass collective sensibilities and desires—from cultural expressions to natural forms.

For the Materials in the Hands of Artists: A Panel Discussion, these three extraordinary artists will present on their work and engage in a conversation about materiality and repetition, the tension between cognitive and intuitive systems of thinking and feeling, and the politics of labor and visibility of process in sculptural art.

Josh Fought artwork

Josh Fought’s current work incorporates a variety of textile techniques, collage, sculpture, and painting to create objects where possibilities in narratives emerge through form and ornamentation into sites of queer affective visuality.

Ramoken O'Arwisters artwork

Ramoken O’Arwisters’s sculptures are arranged through the act of mending in an effort towards emotional wellbeing. By joining together broken and discarded pottery with scraps of textiles and fibers, he reshapes these leftovers materials into a singular provisional object

Annabeth Rosen artwork

Annabeth Rosen’s work hovers between the found and the manufactured to create a highly abstract, but deeply referential body of work featuring complex, aggregated ceramic objects sometimes kludged together with elastic bands, pools of glaze, and wire.

To The Point

The Point is a family business devoted to providing affordable studios to artists since 1984. The Point is sponsoring To The Point, a series of public programs—panel discussions, artists’ talks, lectures, conversations, performances and films—designed to stimulate dialogue and exchange about art, and contemporary topics in Hunters Point and Bayview neighborhoods.

To The Point programs are organized by Betti-Sue Hertz, Program Director, with support from The Point in memory of Jacques Terzian who was instrumental in establishing the Hunters Point Shipyard Artist Studios.

All programs are free of charge and open to the public.

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