Irena Kononova "Tundra after the Rain"
Irena Kononova "Tundra after the Rain," oil on canvas, 68" x 48"

Irena Kononova in two exhibitions

Artworks by Shipyard artist Irena Kononova are in two current virtual exhibitions:

Teravarna (formerly Art Show International Gallery)
8th Abstract Competition and Virtual Exhibition (scroll down for artwork images)

“Tundra after the Rain” was a winner of the Talent Prize.

“Mini packs a mighty punch,” virtual exhibition of miniature paintings

KBM Art Gallery
February 25 – March 25

My work is represented by three 8″ x !0″ paintings. One of them is shown here:

Irena Kononova "Untitled #85"
Irena Kononova “Untitled #85,” oil on panel, 8″ x 10″
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