Tape Op cover with detail of Lynn Rubenzer's “Subterranea”
Tape Op cover with detail of Lynn Rubenzer's “Subterranea”

Lynn Rubenzer artwork featured on cover of Tape Op Magazine

The magazine cover and Lynn’s painting

Lynn Rubenzer’s artwork is featured on the current cover of TapeOp Magazine, the creative music recording industry go-to for musician interviews and gear reviews since 1997. The image is cropped from the epic portrait “Subterranea”, a 2012 oil on birch panel (54” x 156”) that was painted over the course of a year while hanging in the underground music performance space at Viracocha on Valencia Street in the Mission District. “Subterranea” can be viewed in Lynn’s studio during Spring Open Studios 2024.

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Lynn Rubenzer “Subterranea”
Lynn Rubenzer “Subterranea”, 2012, oil on birch panel, 54” x 156”
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