News from Shipyard artist Nicole Mueller

Shipyard artist Nicole Mueller announces:

I’ve recently received a large painting commission to create a series of two giant 17′ x 14′ works on canvas for a newly renovated building in Washington D.C. and have left my previous job working in career development at California College of the Arts to pursue my painting career full-time.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to make this leap (and to be fully vaccinated), and am currently getting set up in a new temporary warehouse studio in San Francisco to begin work on the project later this month. You can follow more of the paintings’ progress here on Instagram.

With my focus fully dedicated to growing my studio practice, I’m excited to begin taking on more large-scale commissioned work this year. I’m also eager to continue exploring how color and light can create moments of transformation, vibrant or immersive pathways, and sanctuary-like spaces in my work—something that feels ever-relevant as we navigate the collective ambiguity felt this past year, and look ahead with renewed but hard-won optimism.

“Thresholds” at the Richmond Art Center in 2019

In more recent news…

In December, I was commissioned to create a temporary mural for COACH outside their retail location in downtown San Francisco.

I was recently interviewed by The Visionary Projects about my work and practice.

Beyond the studio…

I’ve been hosting a podcast called Beyond the Studio the last 3 years with my co-host Amanda Adams, recording candid conversations with other working contemporary artists about their career paths. Empowering other artists to lead more successful, sustainable lives is something I’ve become deeply passionate about!

Beyond the Studio has been downloaded over 150,000 times in nearly 100 countries, and can be streamed for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and our website

We’re currently on a brief hiatus, but will be back soon with more episodes.

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