Nina Fabunmi book cover

Nina Fabunmi novel published August 7

Shipyard artist Nina Fabunmi announced the release of her novel Petals For My Tears. It is available in hardback and Kindle ebook editions on Amazon. Copies will also be available in her studio during Shipyard Open Studios October 21-22, 2023.

From the announcement:

“In [the] heart of an enchanting African village, two souls find themselves historically entangled in an illicit love, their destinies defying centuries of tradition. This is the gripping tale of a forbidden love that transcends borders, cultures and time itself. Against the backdrop of vivid African traditions, the narrative weaves through historical tales and fictional folklore, revealing how ancestral beliefs have shaped the rules that threaten to separate lovers.

“This epic love story promises to captivate readers, evoking emotions that range from heartache to elation, and restoring faith in the power of love to overcome all odds. It is a is a triumph of love, history, and culture, inviting readers on a transformative journey through African lands, cities, and hearts. With every page, it encourages us to embrace the beauty of our differences, reminding us that love knows no boundaries and can forge a path where none seemed possible before.

“In this book, Nina Fabunmi has beautifully interlaced written narrative, poetry, and reflections on African heritage, enriching the reader’s experience and offering profound insights into the human spirit’s capacity for love and endurance.”

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