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Ed Handelman painting

Ed Handelman

"Got the Blues" by Jane Woolverton

Jane Woolverton

Ira Watkins painting

Ira Watkins

Paul Gralen "Jacob's Ladder"

Paul Gralen

Fountain 3 by Stanley Goldstein, oil on canvas, 24" x 36"

Stanley Goldstein


Charles Maier

Hands & Wallet

Damari-Karlin Studio

Jeffrey Walker artwork

Jeffrey Walker

Marina Berlin "Horse Heads" 10" W x  23" H x 17" D

Marina Berlin

Still life with Rabbit and Papaya

Carolyn Crampton

Cherie Raciti

Dorothy Connelly

Elizabeth Tana "Alice Wonderland"||||Elizabeth Tana "Collection"|Elizabeth Tana "Journey

Elizabeth Tana

Lars Johnson "Hunters Point 1"

Lars Johnson

Jason Bernhardt "Cowl"

Jason Bernhardt

Robert Morgan artwork

Robert Morgan

Pete Dent artwork image

Pete Dent Visual Expressions

Dennis Parlante, acrylic on canvas, 60" x 48"

Dennis Parlante

Ricafort_Carlo_Image 1

Carlo Ricafort

Reclaimed steel and walnut wall piece

Christine Kendrick, C!Studio

Transition 2 8-23-19 72dpi for web-4

Linda Joy Kattwinkel

Eric Joyner: "Jungle Trek"|Eric Joyner: Indecision ©

Eric Joyner

Flora Davis "Time Unfolds," 39" x 18"

Flora Davis

Erika Meriaux "Apollo and Cassandra"

Erika Meriaux

Night Glow

Rebecca Fox

Michael Rodman "Venticello Vista"

Michael Rodman


Barbara Heffernan "San Miguel señora in repose"

Barbara Heffernan

David I. McGraw

Wild Nature, oil on canvas, 26 x 21, $700

Marc Ellen Hamel

Sharon Beals "Bank Swallow Nest"

Sharon Beals

Interior Balancing a Slippery Slope, 2020
oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches

Benedict Cressy

Screen print and dye on panel 
36" x 36"  

Carrie Ann Plank

El Capitan, Yosemite 2019

Monica Denevan

Scot Velardo artwork

Scot Velardo

Ruth Geos "Corona II"

Ruth Geos

Irene Hendrick artwork

Irene Hendrick

Oil Painting on Canvas
48" x 32"

Carol Jessen

Fireweed - 30 in. x 30 in. - Mixed Media on Carved Wood Panel - Available

Bob Armstrong

young girl on dock

H V Mahoney

Rob Cox "Seeking Balance"

Rob Cox

Tesia Blackburn "Ambuja," 66" x 66", Acrylic on Canvas

Tesia Blackburn

Prajaki Jayavant artwork

Prajaki Jayavant

Melissa Townsend artwork

Melissa Townsend


Rhonel Roberts

Turaj artwork

Turaj Ebrahimi

48"x50" mixed media on paper

Kathleen Finney

Linda Adreveno: Blowing Through

Linda Adreveno

Tor Archer "A Woven Nest"

Tor Archer

The Painter and the Poet
52x42     $4950

Michael Griffith

Sook Nim Choi "Last Supper"

Sook Nim Choi

James Gleeson "Big Ben Davis"

James Gleeson

Leslie Terzian Markoff artwork

Leslie Terzian Markoff

Renée de Cossio

Small sculpture - brass, walnut & steel

Cole Kendrick, Very Good Welding

Maggie Malloy: "Tree Ladder"

Maggie Malloy

photo of Anna Samborska

Anna Samborska

Linda Fong artwork

Linda Fong

John Bankston "Ready"

John Bankston

Michael Wong artwork

Michael Wong

Elahe Shahideh

Dominique Caron

Lawrence Ferlinghetti artwork

Lawrence Ferlinghetti – in memoriam

Elvira Dayel "My Neighbor's Hedge is Dripping from the Sky"|Elvira Dayel "Untitled"|||||Elvira Dayel "Ave"|Elvira Dayel "She is Bridge"|Elvira Dayel "Moonlight"|Elvira Dayel "Bathers"

Elvira Dayel


Jon Vohr

Looking from Portsmouth Square in China Town towards Market Street.

Larry Morace

Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios

Sheila Ganz

Lisa Perrott artwork

Lisa Perrott

Nambe Dance, oil on canvas, 11 x 14

Linda Fries

Girl with Cat | 20 x 24", acrylic on canvas

Tatiana Lyskova

Bison Requiem (2020) oil canvas 44" x 88"

Jeff Long

Colette Standish

Lori Kay "Running Chair" sculpture

Lori Kay


Gretchen Röehrs

Eric Hoffman painting

Eric Hoffman

Rebecca Haseltine "Shift #9," Ink on Mylar, 36” x 52”, 2019

Rebecca Haseltine

Karen Slater, Circles 2, watercolor, 22" x 30"

Karen Slater

Hart Island, 36x60

Randy Beckelheimer

Heart, Archival print on BFK Rives

Kay Kang


Gregory Dawson

Oil on Canvas 36" x 24"

Cathy Perillo

Jon Chester "Trestles"

Jon Chester

8x10 on 11x17" paper

Clare Metague

Eileen Downey "From the Balcony"

Eileen Downey

Jon Wessel "Rush Hour"

Jon Wessel


Hasseem Abdallah

Richard Bolingbroke "The Jester"

Richard Bolingbroke

Carol Satriani

Human Plasma Cell

Kirk Hill

|Jean Ebbe "Brooch"

Jean Ebbe


Béla Harcos

Mirang Wonne "Capturing Moonlight"

Mirang Wonne

Kathryn Kain artwork

Kathryn Kain

Thomas Hill "Rusty Bird 2"

Thomas Hill

James Gorman "Stone Face and Leaf Drawings 4"

James Gorman

Rullsell Herrman "Topspin"

Russell Herrman

Dream and Memory," 44" x 44"

Wynne Hayakawa

Nicole Mueller, "Adrift," Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 50 in., 2019

Nicole Mueller

Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios


Sunset, Russian Hill

Bruce Katz

James Groleau, Summer Rain; collage mounted on canvas; 48” x 36”

James Groleau

Nina-Fabunmi_DEEP-IN-A-MAN|Nina Fabunmi "East Coast Deli"|Nina Fabunmi "Men Men Men"|Nina Fabunmi "Purple Rain"|Nina Fabunmi "Two Moons and a Man

Nina Fabunmi

Diane Tiry

Marius L. Bosc artwork

Marius L. Bosc

Alberto Ybarra

Travis Somerville "The Only Begotten Son" 1997-98

Travis Somerville

Judy Reed artwork

Judy Reed

Mixed Media

Margie Burke

Pleasure Boat Aground by Ann Miller

Ann Miller

'Lady Papillon' by AbelArt, Watercolor on Arches paper, handwoven, Framed 19" x 25" © 2017


Aisla Islava "D.J., I'm the real deal, J." Acrylic on Canvas Frame 22"x24"


Venetian plaster on panel, 48” x 36” - $ 1900

Rab Terry


Kim Smith

Stephen Namara "Anonymous", Dry pigment and conte-crayon on paper, 44"x14", 2019

Stephen Namara

Stephanie Rossi "Highway Overpass at Night"

Stephanie Rossi

Janet Bartlett Goodman "Naples"

Janet Bartlett Goodman

Christine Cariati

This heavily textured and labor intensive painting represents the beauty in solitude and the tranquility I have found with a slower paced life in 2020

Nikki Vismara


Paula Clark

Patricia Brown abstract

Patricia Brown

Claudia Kussano


Michelle Mongan

Karen Wenger "Boy on Stoop"

Karen Wenger

Ry Pieri installation

Ry Pieri

Letter to Monet Series

Reiko Muranaga

Golden Gate Bridge Steel - Tea Table

Golden Gate Furniture Co. / Rick Bulan

Todd Standisc "Zane Grey"

Todd Standish

Steve Mostica "Parmi les mauvaises herbes"

Steve Mostica


Linda Larson

Carol Banfield “Fort Funston”. 36 x 48 x 1 1/2”, oil on canvas

Carol Banfield

Ceiling Medallion, part of Lorna Kollmeyer's archive of San Francisco's decorative plaster heritage

Lorna Kollmeyer

Stacey M. Carter "Court of Appeals"

Stacey M. Carter

Robin Denevan: "Skies Reflected"

Robin Denevan



Brian Moore photo

Brian Moore

Kimetha Vanderveen artwork

Kimetha Vanderveen

Jeff Katz: Cosmic Bear

Jeff Katz


Byron B Kim

Anne Subercaseaux, "Cascading Light"

Anne Subercaseaux

monoprint with chine-colle collage, 10" x 8" print on 20"x16" paper,  $500

Celeste Chin

Stephanie Steiner J photo

Stephanie Steiner J

Alliteration, Pink
51" x 60"
sumi ink, acrylic, and metallic pigment on canvas

Susan Spies

James Friesen artwork

James Friesen

Jenny Wantuch in her studio

Jenny M.L. Wantuch

Jamie Krueger "Rome 001"

Jamie Krueger

Estelle Akamine artwork

Estelle Akamine


Ayanna U’Dongo

BJ Van Buren

BJ Van Buren

Marilyn Cullen Davis artwork

Marilyn Cullen Davis

Jacques Terzian (In memoriam)


Silvia Poloto

Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios

Barbara Ockel

Paul D. Gibson artwork

Paul D. Gibson

Susan Belau artwork

Susan Belau

Jenny Robinson, Infrastructure #2

Jenny Robinson

Mixed Media
Size 28x36

Charles Tuggle

Greg Wooten artwork

Greg Wooten

Midnight Flowers by Stephanie Peek, 21" x 13" oil on panel

Stephanie Peek

acrylic on Stonehenge paper, 6" x 7"

Ann Phelan

Orit Yanai

Orit Yanai

Teresa Seran artwork

Teresa Seran

Karen Koltonow artwork

Karen Koltonow

Yosemite Series Ink Drawing

E. M. Michaud

Malik Seneferu artwork

Malik Seneferu

Two Trees

Yu Jean Choi

Maeve Croghan "Monet’s Apples," oil on canvas, 30" x 30"

Maeve Croghan

Robert Schwarzenbach artwork

Robert Schwarzenbach

Gouache on Canvas, 18x24". Magenta, red, blue and gold. Abstract.

Aisjah Hopkins

Mike Danielson artwork

Mike Danielson

Rob Rossello image

Rob Rossello

Mark Paron artwork

Mark Paron

Dolores R Gray

Hopefully Protecting by Marilyn Kuksht

Marilyn Kuksht

Thomas Winz artwork

Thomas Winz

Irena Kononova "Enisei"

Irena Kononova

Painting by Mauricia Gandara||Mauricia Gandara

Mauricia Gandara

Study for Liz by Carole R Moore||Blue Pond by Carole R Moore

Carole R. Moore

Florece Schwartz Harlan "Ligurian Umbrellas"

Florence Schwartz Harlan

Damon Hyldreth

Amy Blackstone

Maria Mayr artwork

Maria Mayr

Black Space

Afatasi The Artist

Eileen David painting

Eileen David

“I didn’t”, series ‘Landscape of Portraiture’, Limited Edition, Photography ©Pernilla Persson

Pernilla Persson

Sculptural canvas painting

Diana Krevsky

Leila Noorani "Flags and Checkers"

Leila Noorani

Sandra Spector "Snowfall on Cedars"

Sandra Spector

Boon Heng Pang "Rockaway"

Boon Heng Pang

Michelle Yi Martin "Horse and Fish"

Michelle Yi Martin

Graham Blake "Uncomfortable Silences," Resin, Spraypaint, and Fabric on Panel, 18"x30"

Graham Blake

composite artworks 2020

Julia Augusta Morris

24x18 acrylic

Alan Mazzetti

Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios

Meredith Tromble

Mixed media by Victor Navarrete

Victor Navarrete

Leopards and Children Guarding Money and Industry by Leslie Lowinger

Leslie Lowinger


Nyya Lark

harriet tubman white background

Mary Southall

Doug Tallman

Howard Hersh "Skin Deep 2"

Howard Hersh

Henry A. Ricci artwork

Henry A. Ricci

Nicole K. Shaffer artwork

Nicole K. Shaffer

Alan Hopkins "Poison Oak Prolepsis"

Alan S. Hopkins

15 x 22 inches

Sydney Cain

Gerd Mairandres "Wigmaster"

Gerd Mairandres

Thea Schrack "Where The World Dreams 7," 75x65 Acrylic on Canvas

Thea Schrack

Qi Re Ching artwork

Qi Re Ching

Paul Lanier artwork

Paul Lanier

Kirk Maxson artwork

Kirk Maxson

Clay Seibert

BTS shot of The Adventures of Brothers & Behr a Stop Motion show by Ahmad Walker

Ahmad Walker

Artwork by Termeh Yeghiazarian|

Termeh Yeghiazarian

Carmen Lomas Garza: "Titos gig on the moon"

Carmen Lomas Garza

Lone Palm, 2010, oil on canvas, 54" x 54" [sold]

Lynn Rubenzer


Ellen Markoff

James Keeton "Star Yellow 1," 60" x 48"

James Keeton

This is a piece that incorporates the Gold Sphere element.  It is unique in that series, in that the Ribbons and Sticks that support the Sphere stabilize the composition and lead to a sense of calm.

Linda Hope

John Arbuckle "Orchids and Gourds"

John Arbuckle

Leslie Printis "Blue Botanical"

Leslie Printis

William Rhodes; Gone Mother; Reclaimed shoe, photo on fabric, paint and neon glass; 12in x 5in x 5in.

William Rhodes

Sam Barbar, oil on canvas

Sam Barbar

Wendy Robushi

Wendy Robushi

Seaglass beads, polymer clay

Beth Shannon

Rebecca Shortle "Fluid Planes No. 2"

Rebecca Shortle


Michael J. Kruzich

Bill Clark


Adam Bannister

O/C 42'x60"

Marius Starkey

Drawing Painting

Marti McKee

Elaine R. Brindle

Tanya Joyce artwork

Tanya Joyce

"Bird Island", 24" x 36", oil on canvas

Carol Kummer

<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Self Portrait in the Time of Corona</strong><br>
Acrylic on panel, 12 x12," 2020

Liz Hager

Alan Perkins

Peggy Huff "Cat Cay Slough"

Peggy Huff

Peter Boyer photo

Peter Boyer

Martín Revolo "The Last Bullfighter" (Painting on board) 26x36

Martín Revolo

Tron Bykle "Askim"

Tron Bykle


Jie Zhou

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