Shipyard Artist Rebecca Haseltine Show February 1 to March 30
Shipyard Artist Rebecca Haseltine Show February 1 to March 30
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“The Body Is Not a Figure” – Pourings and Drawings by Rebecca Haseltine
Think Round Fine Arts – February 1 – March 30

Reception Saturday February 4, 4-7 p.m.
Artist’s talk 6 p.m.

Rebecca Haseltine, Sluice #7

Rebecca Haseltine, Sluice #7, 30”X42”, Mixed Media on Mylar, 2016

The groundswell of January 21 is inspiring: millions of women and men and children pouring into the streets. I’ve never wanted my work to be political, but water is political. The body is political. The right to health and wholeness is essential and undeniable. Complacency has bitten the dust.

Art can be a window into territory that is hard to see and hard to describe. It can speak to us and touch us without us knowing exactly why. I find this valuable. I want to see and make work that elicits questions.

This work explores the body and our fluid nature – the physics, physiology and rhythm of it. The recent Sluice series explores the fluid dynamics of structure in the body – corresponding to water as a dynamic element in nature. Water shapes us and shapes the environment.

In a larger view, the health of all our waterways is core to the survival of all ecosystems. Access to clean water is a right as basic as breathing. I want a political framework that places itself within the larger context of ecological health. And then our own health has a place to live.

Gallery hours are limited, so I hope you can make it to the reception!

Think Round Fine Arts
2140 Bush Street, Suite 1B, San Francisco CA 94115
(between Fillmore and Webster. Gallery entrance is on the driveway.)

Gallery Hours: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays
and by appointment – call 415-771-2198

Featured image at top of this page: Rebecca Haseltine, Sluice #6, 30”x42”,  Mixed Media on Mylar, 2016