SFO mural elevation

Richard Bolingbroke to help install murals in new SFO Terminal 1

News from Shipyard artist Richard Bolingbroke:

Photo of Richard Bolingbroke and Craig Calderwood
Richard Bolingbroke (left) and Craig Calderwood

I am fortunate to be one of five artists chosen to assist in installing several huge murals at Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at SFO. The project will run from mid-February through mid-May. We will be working three days a week 10-6 until it’s completed. The area is still under construction and is slated to open to the public June 12.

The San Francisco Arts Commission selected Craig Calderwood for this project. He then chose five experienced artists to assist with installation. We will all be credited by name.

These artwork sketches and building photo show the wide variety of locations such as curved hallway walls, escalator sides, and other, otherwise easily overlooked spaces. The murals are whimsical, colorful, playful and entertaining.

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