Kay Kang "It's a Girl!" helmet design
Kay Kang "It's a Girl!" helmet design

Shipyard artist Kay Kang artwork reproduced on motorcycle helmets

An artwork by Kay Kang, “It’s a girl!!,” was selected by the House of Helmet, a French manufacturer, for their series of art-inspired motorcycle helmets.

From the House of Helmet website:

“Her Artwork contribution for the House of Helmet It’s a Girl!! speaks to an old Korean tradition for communicating the gender of a new born. When a female is born, charcoal is attached to a hemp rope and hung outside of the front door, signaling disappointment; but when a boy is born, red chili peppers, signaling joy, are hung on the rope.”

“Asian American Art curator, Linda Choy wrote: From the beginning, diaspora was a seminal point that flavored Kang’s artistic journey. The perspective of a displaced immigrant in America coming from the restrictive Confucian environment of Korea was that Kang was at last able to expand her horizon to include formerly forbidden career as artist. ‘My work reflects assimilation into American culture and the tension I experienced as a Korean-born artist living and adjusting to a different culture…avoiding conflict between traditional Korean culture and my westernized aspirations.’

“Kang’s installations, “It’s A Girl!!” and “Conversation with My Father”, are frequent subject[s] of gender studies in art schools and institutions in the United States.”

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