Shipyard artist Stephanie Peek in solo and group shows

Shipyard artist Stephanie Peek has two shows opening in March 2020:

“31 Women,” a group exhibition celebrating Women’s History Month
March 1 – April 12, 2020

Opening Reception  on International Women’s Day
Sunday, March 8, 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Whitney Modern Gallery
24 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030
408 402 5922

Curated by: Marianne McGrath
with Karen Gutfreund, exhibition director, art consultant and artist
Suzanne Whitney-Smedt, Director, Whitney Modern Gallery

Image featured on this page: Stephanie Peek “Last Paradise,” 30” x 30” oil/panel, courtesy Satellite of Love Gallery

 “Refuge” solo show
March 14- May 22, 2020

Lobby of 555 California Street (formerly the Bank of America Building)
San Francisco, CA
Jan Casey Bertrand |
Casey & Associates Art Advisors

The genesis of this body of work is the tropical gardens of La Grande Serre in Paris.  Images of the garden at night triggered memories of a paradisical garden I knew years ago. Revisiting these sites in my studio, I gradually became aware that painting itself could be a refuge, as gardens are in real life; they could be a site of meditation or refuge.

Flowers falling through deep space, are suspended in silence. They speak of fragile beauty and the ephemeral nature of worldly delights. Flowers traditionally represent the intransience of life, a kind of memento mori; yet the very fact that they ever existed can afford solace and be seen as an intimation of beauty as an immortal quality.

Like paradise, the very absence of what once was causes us to long for it, a longing that may include melancholy, nostalgia even, but not only, — also the sense that there is an unchanging principle behind beauty, a kind of soul, the idea of paradise as possible.

Stephanie Peek "La Grande Serre"|Stephanie Peek "Deeper II"
Stephanie Pee, “La Grande Serre,” 60” x 36” 0il/canvas


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