Shipyard Artist Video Series

Thanks to Shipyard Filmmakers Sean Karlin and Orli Damari of Damari/Karlin Studio for “Art on the Edge,” a series of micro-documentaries featuring Hunters Point Shipyard artists discussing being an artist and the influence of this unique site on their work.

Thanks also to The Point and the Spring Open Studios Committee for supporting this work.

2. October 2019: RONDOVAL – Portrait of a Shipyard Artist

This episode highlights RONDOVAL, a mixed media artist whose work transforms objects and elements of timeless nostalgia into a distinctly modern aesthetic.

“Harmonious Contradiction made in RONDOVAL, explore, allow & accept.”—RONDOVAL (Bldg 104, #1213)

1. October 2019: Elvira Dayel – Portrait of a Shipyard Artist

In the video series’ inaugural release, Elvira talks about her personal history, her inspiration and how the Shipyard shapes her work.

Elvira thinks of herself as a minimalist, using only as much as needed to convey an idea. She re-invents environments by deconstructed, flattened and re-assembling, thereby creating new realities.

“Making art is my oxygen, it’s the breathing medium in which to exist. While my process of art-making is a way of life, my finished work is how I communicate. I speak through my work and my work speaks through me.” – Elvira Dayel (Bldg 117, #3205)