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Artists initially shown in random order

Artists Participating in the Shipyard Artists Holiday Party and Art Show
December 4, 2022, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

All artists are in Building 101 for this show.

Stephen Namara "Anonymous", Dry pigment and conte-crayon on paper, 44"x14", 2019

Stephen Namara

Robin Denevan: "Skies Reflected"

Robin Denevan

Leslie Printis "Blue Botanical"

Leslie Printis

Acrylic on canvas 

60 x 48 inches


Alexis Buhrman

Lone Palm, 2010, oil on canvas, 54" x 54" [sold]

Lynn Rubenzer


Kim Smith

"Got the Blues" by Jane Woolverton

Jane Woolverton

Lady Slipper Orchid

John Arbuckle

Leopards and Children Guarding Money and Industry by Leslie Lowinger

Leslie Lowinger

Black Coral & Fine Silver Necklace

Nyya Lark


Rick Bulan (Golden Gate Furniture Co.)

Jenny Wantuch in her studio

Jenny Wantuch

Alliteration, Pink
51" x 60"
sumi ink, acrylic, and metallic pigment on canvas

Susan Spies

Maria Mayr "Guests are welcome", 16" x 20", monoprint

Maria Mayr

Claudia Kussano

light between the trees


Image of Lina Koneva "My Ukraine" necklace

Lina Koneva


Jon Vohr

5 4.24.46 PM

Jenna Marie Hansen

Estelle Akamine artwork

Estelle Akamine

Oil Painting on Canvas
48" x 32"

Carol Jessen

Nina-Fabunmi_DEEP-IN-A-MAN|Nina Fabunmi "East Coast Deli"|Nina Fabunmi "Men Men Men"|Nina Fabunmi "Purple Rain"|Nina Fabunmi "Two Moons and a Man

Nina Fabunmi

Mixed Media
Size 28x36

Charles Tuggle

Painting by Mauricia Gandara||Mauricia Gandara

Mauricia Gandara

Judy Reed artwork

Judy Reed

Malik Seneferu artwork

Malik Seneferu

Donkey and friends

Carolyn Crampton

|Jean Ebbe "Brooch"

Jean Ebbe

8x10 on 11x17" paper

Clare Metague


Rhonel Roberts: Chez Rhonel Galerie

Blue/Pink Explosion #1

Karen Slater

Dancing in the Sun

Rebecca Fox

Quiet Thoughts, Landscapes, Photography ©

Pernilla Persson

El Capitan, Yosemite 2019

Monica Denevan

Maeve Croghan "Monet’s Apples," oil on canvas, 30" x 30"

Maeve Croghan

Rebecca Haseltine "Living in the Ground #4 36"X55" ink on mylar

Rebecca Haseltine

Tesia Blackburn "Ambuja," 66" x 66", Acrylic on Canvas

Tesia Blackburn


Russel Kiehn


Pete Dent Visual Expressions

Natural hots springs in the high desert.

Larry Morace


Stephanie Steiner J

Mother Tongue

Kay Kang

Irene Hendrick artwork

Irene Hendrick

oil painting of a robot surfing at the end of the day.

Eric Joyner

Elizabeth Tana "Alice Wonderland"||||Elizabeth Tana "Collection"|Elizabeth Tana "Journey

Elizabeth Tana

Kathryn Kain artwork

Kathryn Kain

BTS shot of The Adventures of Brothers & Behr a Stop Motion show by Ahmad Walker

Ahmad Walker


Jeffrey Goldsmith

Dominique Caron
Gaze uplifted 30x30"
Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas

Dominique Caron

oil on paper on panel

Elena Zolotnitsky

Brian Moore photo

Brian Moore

Fog Ship

Paul Gralen

from the "Storm Cycle" series

James Groleau

in the moment clock

Michelle Mongan

Golden Gate Panoramic  - from the Reconstructed Works

Pep Ventosa

Dolores R Gray


Alison Marks

Wild Nature, oil on canvas, 26 h x 21 w

Marc Ellen Hamel

Sycamore Acrylic On Canvas Panel

Boon Heng Pang


Marina Solé

Girl with Cat | 20 x 24", acrylic on canvas

Tatiana Lyskova

Elvira Dayel "My Neighbor's Hedge is Dripping from the Sky"

Elvira Dayel

Janet Bartlett Goodman "Naples"

Janet Bartlett Goodman

<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Self Portrait in the Time of Corona</strong><br>
Acrylic on panel, 12 x12," 2020

Liz Hager

Screen print and dye on panel 
36" x 36"  

Carrie Ann Plank

Sea Lab Construction, Hunters Point Shipyard, 1964, 32 x 26”
Ink pigment and acrylic on paper

Stacey M. Carter


Hasseem Abdallah

Alberto Ybarra

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