On a Roll


Oil painting depicting a giant donut rolling over a building at the 1915 San Francisco Worlds Fair.

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Mad, August 2018
What, Me Worry?

Mad Magazine cover for August 2018. Oil on panel. 20″ x 15.5″


An oil painting of dreaming of adventure.
Story Book

Oil painting on canvas of a cat daydreaming about Robot pirates making a raid.


oil painting that show an angry green monster face off with  robot.
The Scene at the Krispy Kreme.

Chaos ensues when a donut shop runs out of chocolate Crullers.


oil painting of a robot surfing at the end of the day.
Twilight Surfers – 48″x 48″


oil painting -of a flying robot scanning a moon for water.

An oil painting on canvas of a reconnisance robot scanning the surface of a moon for water. 22″ x 30″ framed.


Launching a blimp during electrical storm
It Doesn’t Look Good

A space ship is scheduled to launch during an electrical storm. oil on wood panel, 48″ x 48″ framed.


oil on canvas.
Frida at Work

Oil on canvas painting of Frida Kahlo painting a robot and cats. 24′ x 20″


Harvest time
Harvest Time

It’s Harvest time again, in Tinworld. Oil painting on canvas. 33″ x 22″ framed.


Spiralworld 1
Spiral World

Mr. Atomic is lost and drifting in a half world, after eating some glazed donuts. 48″ x 38″ Oil on wood.


robot king atop a corgi is beside himself as a spaceman threatens ro destroy a pile of donuts.
Corgi of Vallejo

Corgi carries robot king to the countryside. oil on canvas, 32″ x 32″


oil painting on wood, 11" x 11" $2600.

Robot flys over a donut pile. 11″ x 11″ oil on wood.


The station agent
The Station agent


oil on canvas, 20" x 20"
David and Goliath

oil on canvas, 20″ x 20″ framed.


oil on canvas, 22" x 78.25", framed.
Unusual Suspects

oil on canvas, 78.5″ x 22″, framed.


Pencil and ccharcoal on illustration board. 23" x 23"

peci and charcoal on illustration board. 23″ x 23″.


oil on wood, 19" x 39" framed.
Narrow Escape

Oil on wood panel, 19″ x 39″, framed.