The Long View


The Long View  20×48″ Acrylic   Salinas Valley

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My other artworks for sale during the Shipyard Open Studios

Portrero Pieces
Portrero Pieces

Portrero Pieces   24×18″  Acrylic

Portrero Hill homes seen from Buena Vista Park


24"x36" Acrylic
Room To Grow

Room To Grow   24×36″  Acrylic

Salinas Valley landscape as seen from the Santa Lucia Mountains


24x18 acrylic
Along Skyline

View of Skyline Blvd. Peninsula, East Bay

Skyline Blvd, Peninsula, East Bay


30x60" acrylic
The Golden Section

Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio Heights


60x40" acrylic
Peninsula Pieces

Skyline, Peninsula, East Bay   24″x18″


24 x 12" acrylic
Along Market

Market Street seen from Twin Peaks


24x12" acrylic
Rincon Shot

SF Bay Bridge and Rincon Hill Buildings


24 x 18"  acrylic
Color Field

Salinas Valley seen from the Santa Lucia Mts


24x12" acrylic

Oakland CA downtown including Tribune Tower