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Stacey Carter presentation on Black history at the Hunters Point Shipyard

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Shipyard artist and historian Stacey M. Carter gave an illustrated talk, “War on Two Fronts: Black Workers Fight against Racial Discrimination at Hunters Point Shipyard during WWII,” in the Shipyard Gallery Saturday, February 24.

Her talk accompanied Carter’s exhibit of historical documents that shares the walls of the Gallery with the exhibition “Echoes of Building 123,” artworks by Shipyard artists that honor a large structure built during the war that will be demolished by the Navy in coming weeks as part of the environmental cleanup of the former shipyard.

“War on Two Fronts” explores a crucial yet overlooked chapter of WWII history. Curated by Stacey Carter, this exhibit spotlights the African American workforce’s significant role at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard during a time of global upheaval. At the heart of this exhibit lies a story of resilience and determination. These men and women, drawn to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard for jobs, played a crucial role in the war effort, laboring under conditions that were often fraught with peril and marred by discrimination. Yet their efforts left an enduring legacy, shaping not just the shipyard but also the fabric of the Bayview Hunters Point community. Their descendants, still an integral part of the neighborhood, stand as a testament to this deep-rooted connection.

This event was made possible with funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission and California Humanities

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