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STAR President Barbara Ockel interviewed for “Voices of the Community” podcast and August 19 radio broadcast

“We have never been assured beyond a doubt that dirt does not contain any toxic substances that we should be you know cautious about”-Barbara

The 30-minute radio show was broadcast on KSFP 102.5FM August 19 and is available for listening on the “Voices of the Community” website.

From the website:

In this episode, our featured voice is the President and CEO of the Shipyard Trust for the Arts Barbara Ockel.

In this episode, our focus and theme are on our artists, and how making art and community engagement is supporting the development of studio spaces to support both our artists and a more diverse community of artists. Our featured voice is the CEO and President of the Shipyard Trust for the Arts Barbara Ockel.

Barbara shares with us their ongoing work to support our artists in the Bayview Hunters Point community and the environmental issues at the hunters point shipyard redevelopment project.

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