Stephanie Peek "Ukraine"
Stephanie Peek "Ukraine," 10” x 10” oil/panel 2022

Stephanie Peek in group show opening July 16 at Andra Norris Gallery

Hunters Point Shipyard artist Stephanie Peek has an upcoming show:

Her installation “Uniform Language,” 52 camouflage paintings, 120” x 86”, will be exhibited as part of the group show “Fascination.”

Opening Saturday, July 16, 2022, 5-7 pm
Show dates July 16 – August 19

Stephanie Peek, Tamera Avery, Lynette Cook, Jylian Gustlin, Justyna Kisielewicz

Andra Norris Gallery
311 Lorton Ave., Burlingame CA 94010
650.235.9775 | |

Stephanie Peek “Constellation” – click for larger view

“Uniform Language” is a constellation of more than 50 paintings on alabaster-coated panels of camouflage patterns of warring nations worldwide.

“My fascination with these patterns stems from my observation of nature (including my earlier studies of flowers) and the compositions of shapes and the relationships colors. I am fascinated by how various countries use camouflage patterns to represent themselves — how they disguise themselves and their military equipment. I am intrigued by how countries see themselves in this pattern language that speaks of power and fear.

“While painting, I pray for peace in each country under siege. Each painting is a prayer.”

Stephanie Peek describes her installation of paintings “Uniform Language” in The Camo Show at Dominican University (link opens in a new tab)

Stephanie Peek “Green Refuge,” 50” x 50” oil/canvas 2021 (click for larger view)

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