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Michael J Kruzich

Michael J Kruzich

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Michael was trained at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy by Maestra Luciana Notturni and her colleagues.
 His work has exhibited nationally and  internationally, at “Embodied”, the 2019 SAMA Invitational Exhibit at Vanderbilt University, the RavennaMosaico 2017 Biennale, winning awards at the annual “Mosaic Arts International” exhibits in 2010,  2011 and 2015 as well as appearing in several art and mosaic publications.  A member of  the Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei and the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Michael is based in San Francisco, CA where he maintains his studio practice creating fine art mosaics, reproductions and commissions for private/commercial clients and teaching the classical Italian principles and methods of making mosaics. Michael’s work is owned by private collectors as well as private architectural installments.

“Many aspects of my professional dance and theatrical background present themselves in my mosaic works. They are often characterized by  Light, Movement, Energetic Visual Dynamics and a high level of Detail. Capturing and expressing these are the what turn me on and motivate me the most.
I seek to create a visceral experience. An energy, a feeling, a mood or inspiration. “Meaning” is left to the individual viewing my work. I do not dictate “meaning”.
In seeking to cope with the inner and outer chaos of our world today and an increasingly impersonal technological age, my creations tend to lean the opposite; toward capturing the energies, wonder and the natural beauty I perceive in the world, people and experiences around me.
Simply put I create to express my experiences as a human being. I create what I like and that subject matter is diverse.
I believe in beauty for beauty’s sake. I believe we need beauty for our own and society’s well-being, and creating beauty is part of healing some of that chaos.
My mosaic voice is always developing and I do not seek to confine myself to one style, but rather engage in whatever style of expression is calling and intriguing me at the moment. I take pride in being versatile and exploring new ideas that present themselves as well as mastering the traditional methods and styles that are at the foundation of my work.”


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