Anne Subercaseaux

Having worked on several series, my oil paintings have been primarily a visual exploration of structures and forms, both in the natural world and with man-made constructions. The lights and shadows projected from these forms invite me to paint abstract compositions in close proximity. My working background of graphic design was set in architectural and engineering offices. The influence of these fields attuned me to study and compose my own visions – those that I encounter daily within urban and natural environments. Currently, I am observing interior spaces, primarily in contemporary buildings. Painting these compositions has led me to another area of abstraction.

Note: Anne Subercaseaux works in Building 125 Studio 1 but for Spring Open Studios 2019 is showing in Building 101 Gallery (Studio 2509).

Image featured on this page: Anne Subercaseaux, “Cascading Light”

Anne Subercaseaux, "Linear Light"

Anne Subercaseaux, “Linear Light”

Anne Subercaseaux, "Along the Divide"

Anne Subercaseaux, “Along the Divide”


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Building 101, Studio 2509 "Gallery"



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