Carlos Rampolla

My work is inspired by God’s creation; its creative force, its priceless gift of transitory moments that make life stories, triumphs, failures, joys, sorrows, love, and the supernatural circumstances of being. portrays the hidden worlds in the universe and in my mind.

I believe in experimenting with different materials, textures and colors.

Through my art, I explore my own experience with social, emotional issues in the form of drawing or paintings. I consider my art a visual diary. My life through my hands.

In my art, my soul is nourished to give life to my imagination.

Feature image: Explosion in the Cosmos by Carlos Rampolla, 2012, oil on canvas 10′ x 14′FB_IMG_1469860808242~2 FB_IMG_1469860803021~2 FB_IMG_1469860772570~2~2 FB_IMG_1466783731135


Carlos Rampolla was voted Panama’s most promising young artist. In June 2002 he moved to San Francisco, California. His most famous painting yet is “Four Grand Masters and Me”.

Early Life

Carlos Rampolla (full name, Carlos Arturo Rampolla Mora), was born on April 7, 1978 in Panama City. He was the second son of Carlos Arturo Rampolla Rovi and Yolanda Edith Mora Bonilla. His father was an actor and poet. He encouraged his son to embrace this artistic talent and bought him the first set of art supplies. Rampolla started his interest in art at the very young age of two. While his mother looked after him, Carlos was making impressive drawings on the floor. Rampolla considers his mother Yolanda his greatest teacher of all for teaching him the true values of life. Rampolla obtained his diploma in Fine Arts from the Ganexa Academy of Art in Panama City. He has four sisters and one brother; Veroushcka, Natashja, Daneshcka, Carelia and Enoc.

Life History

His real work and career as a fine artist began around 1990 when he was 12 years old with a series of family drawings with a portrait of his sister Natashja and illustrations of biblical scriptures. In 1991 he made his first realistic self portrait. From 1992 to 1995 he participated and obtained important awards in a High School visual art contest.

Fine Arts Studios

In 1996 he enrolled in the Ganexa Academy of Art in Panama City, and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in the year of 2000. During 1999 he captured one of the most important moments in the history of Panama by creating paintings named “31 de Diciembre de 1999” and “Llegada del día anhelado,” both inspired in the transfer of the total administration of Panama Canal from the United States to Panama Government.

The Realistic Portraits Period

From 2000 to 2002 after he graduated he focused on realistic oil portraits of well known Panamanian people such as Actress Anita Villalaz, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera, Ex President of Panama Mireya Moscoso, Ex President Martín Torrijos, Alberto Motta, and many others.

Rampolla’s move to California

In June of 2002 Rampolla moved to San Francisco, California. 2002 to 2008 is consider his surreal period. In 2003 he creates “100 años de mi Panamá” in honor of the hundred years of independence of Panama on November 3, 2003. The same year he created another surreal painting in tribute to his four favorite painters: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, and Vincent Van Gogh, with the painting “Four Grand Masters and Me.”

Acting period

In 2003 the Cambodian-American Film maker Daron Ker, influenced by Rampolla’s artistic talent, wrote a film titled “The unconscious Mind”, where Rampolla was the main character and made even more paintings for the set. His first acting experience was when he was seven years old, in a play called “La torre sobre el gallinero,” where he performed with his father Carlos Arturo Rampolla Rovi and the recognized Panamanian actor, poet and dramatist Miguel Moreno. Rampolla also performed in many TV commercials in Panama. In February of 2008 Rampolla worked on the film production “James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace,” with the actor, Daniel Craig, as James Bond; produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, as an artist background. The film took place in the “Casco Antiguo” in Panama City.

In 2004 his paintings were exhibited at the Palermo Restaurant in San Jose, California and in the Faz Restaurant in San Francisco, California. In 2005, Rampolla painted a portrait of the actor Bruce Willis. The following year, 2006, he painted the Ex Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family.

The Surreal Period

In 2007-2008 Rampolla began to create spiritual paintings that symbolized hope, union, liberty, faith, peace and love, inspired by the indigenous flower of his native Panama, “The Flower of the Holy Spirit”. The petals clearly form the shape of a dove as though it is being born from the bud of the flower. This flower became Rampolla’s personal motif. During the year 2009, he painted President Barack Obama; the same year he painted Michael Jackson to capture his musical talent in his loving memory. In the year 2010 he started a colossal painting project “Explosion in the Cosmos.” In 2011 Rampolla worked on a new art project to be presented in an art gallery located in downtown San Francisco. In 2012, he concluded the painting titled: “Explosion in the Cosmos,” 10′ x 14′.

Description of Rampolla’s method and process

The production of the figurative abstract painting titled “Explosion in the Cosmos” was as follows: Rampolla began by staining the blank canvas with dark colors until the empty space is filled; this process took many layers, and ended when he was satisfied with the background of cosmic nebula effects. Then he proceeded by throwing splattered white paint to produce the sensation of stars. Then he threw splashes of the colors magenta, turquoise, light purple, orange and yellow to give the feeling of the planets exploding in the cosmos.

Currently Rampolla is still creating a series of figurative abstract paintings to be exhibited in different art galleries in downtown San Francisco and Panama City.




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