Carol Banfield

I am most interested in color and line quality in my paintings and pen & ink drawings. The drawings and images are used to explore a different sense formed by color and not entirely by nature. The images fall into two styles: a graphic, flat painted style, and a more realistic style.The graphic paintings begin as pen & ink drawings. I retain the original line work on the canvas and add lots of colors. It is a constant battle to balance the colors with the shapes and distances portrayed in the painting.

The realistic paintings are concerned with the quality of light & shadow: how to portray an afternoon sun or a morning sunrise in January. Snow is a favorite. Sometimes I paint very bright colors on the snow areas and glaze over with whites, letting the colors come through. I prefer oil paints for their subtle color changes.

Image featured on this page: Carol Banfield “Fort Funston”. 36 x 48 x 1 1/2”, oil on canvas

Banfield "Cowboy Coffee"

Banfield “Cowboy Coffee” 25x36x1”, oil on canvas

Carol Banfield “Finger Lakes and a JanuaryThaw”

Carol Banfield “Finger Lakes and a JanuaryThaw”, 48 x 60” oil on canvas

Carol Banfield "The Midterm"

Carol Banfield “The Midterm” 36x48x1 1/2”, Oil on canvas

Carol Banfield “Crimson Pines“

Carol Banfield “Crimson Pines“ 30 x 40 x 1 1/2”, oil on canvas




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