Claudia Berman

I create modern ancient-inspired jewelry using classical metalsmithing techniques of fabrication and wax casting in sterling silver and 18k gold. Often my pieces are delicate in design and simple in final presentation, I enjoy clean lines and deliberate details without unnecessary distractions. Each item is created with structural strength, but with feminine movement.

My jewelry represents my love of nature and organic designs, including the individual human figure. I create with beauty of the wearer in mind, items that complement and highlight curves and lines of a woman’s neck, chest, wrist, and hand.

I am displaying my jewelry in Building 101, Studio #1110, belonging to the lovely and talented Ellen Markoff, monotype print maker

Image featured on this page: Ring with dark green tourmaline teardrop (18k gold, silver)

Fused 18k gold and sterling silver pendant by Claudia Berman

Fused 18k gold and sterling silver pendant (Click images for larger view.)

Sterling flora earrings by Claudia Berman

Sterling flora earrings


Lodolite sterling chain maille bracelette by Claudia Berman

Lodolite sterling chain maille bracelette



Building 101, Studio 1110 (Guest)



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