Dimitri Kourouniotis

Dimitri Kourouniotis paints boldly, exploring contrasts of visually engaging swirls and loops set against a background of broad brushstrokes. “I try to make pieces that are simultaneously energizing and soothing,” he says, “using a combination of bright colors with abstract city or plains settings.”

Inspired by the visual poetry of everyday life, Dimitri’s art clears the mind, as he adds momentum to intention and emotion. Loose, confident gestural forms are his vocabulary, giving the viewer a sense of immediacy and presence.

“My art is about the passion of joyfully living in the present.”

Born in Athens, Greece, 1965, Dimitri Kourouniotis has lived in both Europe and the United States. After finishing his graduate degree in business studies in the UK he spent the next 12 years as a management consultant and computer programmer. He currently lives in California with his wife. Having decided to pursue the course to his true happiness, he become a full time artist in 2001.

His influences include Diebenkorn, Da Vinci, Kline and Zen calligraphers. His paintings are created as he relates energy and momentum into color, intention and emotion. He creates art with oil & charcoal on canvas.




Building 116, Studio 4



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