E. M. Michaud

“My latest body of work, Nation Flowers, is a series of drawings exploring the cultural symbolism of flowers – both the formal structure of flowers and the often archaic meanings attached to them by different nations. I’m curious about how different cultures identify with particular flowers, and I find the etymology as interesting and beautiful as the forms themselves. Meanings sometimes migrate from one culture to another, or are completely different from one language to another, and often morph over time. I use image, word and metaphor to try to open up meaning and understanding.

“Exploring organic form in my botanical series, I forage in the strange and beautiful forms found in the plant world, whether in plain sight or hidden in the microscopic inner workings of an organism’s life-cycle.”

Born and raised in Vermont and having earned her BA from the University of Vermont, Michaud relocated to San Francisco in the early 80’s. She received her MFA from San Francisco State University, with a thesis series of paintings exploring family relationships and childhood experience. She has exhibited her work throughout the Bay Area, including the inaugural “Wet Paint” exhibit at Southern Exposure gallery, curated by Philip Yenawine/MOMA, New York. She has participated in numerous workshops and residencies, including Long Island University’s Master’s Workshop and Dorland Mountain Artists Residency.




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