Howard Hersh

My artwork is a reflection of my personal philosophy.  An overriding theme is that of no separation.  Whether between the natural and the man-made, different cultures, religions, or nationalities; I believe everything is connected and interrelated.

As my work is visual, containing words only in the titles, it has become my challenge and goal to communicate this philosophy of connectedness.

I’ve decided that the way to cut through the illusion of separation is to “peel back the layers” to reveal the essence of things.  This is not to say that I’m eliminating complexity and diversity.  The essence is inclusive and contains all that is.In my latest series of paintings, entitled “Pulse”, I’m suggesting that the essence of life is energy.  And energy is not static, it pulses and vibrates.  In a more contemporary context, think of computer code, which consist of nothing but ones and zeroes.  Electric current, our heartbeat, sound; it all vibrates, pulsing, to create life.So, in my art, I employ beauty to pull the viewer in, and the concept of Essence to communicate my philosophy.  If only appreciated on the beauty level, I can take comfort in a job well done.  And who knows what else the sub-conscious, non-ego is absorbing?  In my opinion, an answer to this question is relative and not absolute.


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