Karen Wenger

Switching back and forth between realistic work and surrealistic narratives clarifies my art and stimulates it. The surrealistic works are inspired by my own emotional landscape and are closest to my heart because they allow me to be the most expressive. At the same time, I create them with the hope that they have a universality which allows the viewer to bring his own interpretation to the work. I can’t seem to avoid including elements of mystery, spirituality and symbolism, all of which tantalize me and, I hope, tempt the viewer to wander in and explore my landscape with me.

The way space and light evoke emotion and lure the viewer intrigues me. They curve upon each other to create a sense of mysterious illusion yet, at the same time they seem real.

My work in realism, which includes portraits and figurative pieces, landscapes and still lives, allows me to explore light and space in new ways, which then informs my surreal work. Even the process of painting a simple object is magical. Funnily enough, emotions often creep into these pieces as well and you might find a piece that elicits joy or poignancy or something even more mysterious.

Working in a variety of mediums allows for freedom and contrast and growth. Most recently I have been working in oils, though I have worked in charcoal, pastel and watercolor.


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