Kay Kang

I believe art is a powerful universal language that has the ability to convey concepts and emotions that people from any culture or background can “read” and interpret based on their own perspectives and experiences.

The inspiration for my art comes from patterns found in century-old Korean Buncheong ceramics, silk fabrics, and the Korean alphabet. For me, these patterns convey timeless narratives that remain relevant even in modern day America. The range of patterns found across these various media provides me with raw material that I transform into my own language through my work. Painting and “writing” become one in the same. And through my painting I communicate what I hope is a powerful, yet soothing, and universal series of messages for my audience.

My work was shown in the “Poetry in Clay: Korean Buncheong Ceramics” exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, along with five other Korean artists, to demonstrate the vitality of contemporary art influenced by Korean Buncheong ceramics, and how this art form is still alive today. This exhibit showcased fifty-five masterpieces, including six Korean national treasures, from the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea. Most recently I was one of fifteen U.S. women artists to participate in “Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art, Cultural Exchange and Exhibition,” at the Luxun Academy of Art in Shenyang, China. The purpose of this exhibition was to create a forum for cultural exchange between women artists from all backgrounds.

Recently I was one of the seven artists, “In-Between Places: Korean American Artists in the Bay Area” at Mills College in 2017. “In-Between Places” acknowledges the infinitely evolving and nuanced ways Korean Americans interpret and express history, culture, and art. Reflecting on the relationship of Korean American artists to art making in the Bay Area, the exhibition offers fresh considerations on the intricacies of cultural identity.

Six Strokes 42x32

Six Strokes 42×32


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