Krista Kahl

Krista Kahl is a Bay Area artist, returning home after twelve adventurous years in the desert of Los Angeles, travels abroad and extensive studies. As a BFA graduate of Otis College of Art & Design, she creates art throughout her entire existence – the pieces she creates are indicative of her moods, lifestyle and fascination with Life. She’s a mostly self-taught artist in drawing & painting, and has spent 18 years in photography, preferring analog darkroom processes, but has adapted to the undercover, secret service quality of the iPhone. Her passion is experimenting with images – blending techniques and mediums including photography, paint, ink, text and collage. Each unique work is an exploration of the artist’s fertile imagination. The underlying theme is the curiosity of life’s enigmatic wonders, including astronomy, God/Spirit, anomalies and Nature. Through her ever evolving perspectives and personal history, images and stories unfold; illustrating hidden emotions and connections. Every picture tells a story. Krista draws from her rich life experiences allowing her to be a prolific storyteller, be it real or imagined.

Krista resides and is most comfortable living a bohemian lifestyle in San Francisco/Bay Area with the hanging-on-by-a-thread art community there. She currently does rock-n-roll photography, pet portraits, commissioned paintings, murals and teaches yoga and art to children. Any art sales will go towards funding her goal of volunteering for Kruger Park Wildlife Photography & Conservation in 2017. (Buy her artwork now, before the movie comes out!)

Featured image: Krista Kahl “Between Heaven and Earth.” Oil on wood panel. 3’x3′. 2013

Krista Kahl. Self-Portrait Speed Reading.

Krista Kahl. Self-Portrait Speed Reading. Gelatin silver print, 2006. limited ed.

Krista Kahl "Anatomy of a Feeling"

Krista Kahl
“Anatomy of a Feeling.” Oil on canvas, 4’x4′. 2011.

Krista Kahl "Telephones"

Krista Kahl “Telephones.” Oil on panel with found object. 3’x3′, 2005

Krista Kahl "Freddy’s Dream"

Krista Kahl “Freddi’s Dream.” Double exposure, gelatin silver print, 16×20. limited ed.

Krista Kahl "Wires"

Krista Kahl “Wires.” Gelatin silver print with hand-drawn india ink. 16×20, limited ed.




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