Maeve Croghan

I begin my oil paintings outside in nature. Actually experiencing and painting at the site is very important for my art. There I can deeply understand the place and it’s environment as I am painting it. I usually find a site that has meaning for me and can convey a specific feeling or concept I have in mind. I am attracted to the way the earth moves and undulates – showing it’s aliveness. Old forms of life; aged trees, old vines and rocks are also intriguing. And the delicate beauty of a wildflower or an open field of grasses can have equal allure. Lately I have been working on a series I call ‘open space’. These paintings share the feeling I have when being out in an open expansive environment.

Featured here: Maeve Croghan “Monet’s Apples,” oil on canvas, 30″ x 30″

Maeve Croghan, "Heather Headlands"

Maeve Croghan, “Heather Headlands,” oil on canvas, 36” x 36”

Maeve Croghan, "Clouds at Spring Ranch,"

Maeve Croghan, “Clouds at Spring Ranch,” oil on canvas, 15” x 30”

Maeve Croghan Golden Philo Apples

Maeve Croghan, Golden Philo Apples, oil on canvas, 72″ x 48″

Maeve Croghan, "Tuscan Red Leaves"

Maeve Croghan, “Tuscan Red Leaves,” oil on canvas, 24” x 24″

New book now available to order:

Book cover: "The Essence of Nature – Maeve Croghan's Exploration in Paint of Mackinac Island, California & Beyond,”

The Essence of Nature – Maeve Croghan’s Exploration in Paint of Mackinac Island, California & Beyond
Written and published by Jennifer Wohletz of Mackinac Memories, LLC.

“This lovely Art Book features a stunning collection of Maeve’s luminescent oil paintings, along with insight on how the magic of Northern Michigan, and the West continually inspire her work. Many of Maeve’s most wonderful paintings are featured. It is quite a spectacular collection of paintings.”


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