Marc Ellen Hamel

I am interested in the interaction of color and the physical feel and look of paint – and the places they take me during the process of painting. As I apply color, make strokes, clarify areas, an internalized landscape surfaces and I work with that, going back and forth between the immediate physicality of the process and my own place-memory. I bring out the world of the subconscious; it is at once a world I am making and one I am revisiting. The great challenge is to get thinking out of the way so that the intuitive creative process can move on and make its discoveries.  I work as an abstract painter, printmaker (monotype and Print Gocco), and–when the necessity arrives–collage and mixed media.  As I work with the paint and brushes, I’m arranging a view. It’s a true collaboration, though; the paint sometimes leads me around by the nose, but I have the final say about how the canvas will look. I work until a specific location or issue becomes manifest in the painting. On some level the purpose of a painting or any work of art is to share the artist’s view of things and to prove she exists. For the painter, painting is a partner in revealing meaning, reveling in beauty, locating one’s place in the world. For the viewer, paintings are a place to visit, react, reflect.




Building 101, Studio 2507



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