Michel Fraser

Michel Fraser is an independent filmmaker and visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay area.

We all live in a perpetual state of movement. Intellectually, emotionally, socially, and most importantly physically. My painting tries to express the integration of that imperious dynamic. It is an attempt to express the chaos and order it at the same time.

Featured image on this page: Michel Fraser, “Abyss,”  watercolor and gouache, 26” X 41” 

Michel Fraser, "Phoenix”

Michel Fraser, “Phoenix”, water color and gouache, 11” X 14”

Michel Fraser, “Protector”

Michel Fraser, “Protector,” Etching 9” X 12”

Michel Fraser, “Tutelar”

Michel Fraser, “Tutelar,” Etching, 9” X 12”

Michel Fraser, “Crow Mother”

Michel Fraser, “Crow Mother,” Etching, 4” X 6#


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