Mirang Wonne

I was always intrigued by the idea of mixing construction or industrial materials with the fine arts to achieve a dream-like beauty and that combination is exactly what my new artwork encapsulates.

In my series of metal mesh work, I use industrial materials such as stainless steel mesh as my main material. With a blow-torch, I employ visual language to express organic-based themes with botanic, arborist, and even oceanic influences.

When it is finished, my artwork seems to be made of soft silk. But when it is touched, it is surprisingly cold and sharply metallic. I believe these kinds of illusions reflect life. And when I burn the metal screen with a flame from the blow-torch, it is all free-hand without any back drawing. This technique is similar to what my Asian ancestors did with sumi ink over the last thousands of years, and when I work on my pieces, I feel the spirit of the ancient art coming through to me from long ago.

I would use various organic themes to accentuate this industrial element in the work: maritime elements as sea kelp, sea anemones and often abstract giant botanical forms and simplified tree lines—tangled and overlapped as if there was a permanent breeze in the air. I add colors by letting the background seep through the mesh as if you were to see the world through a magic veil.

With harsh industrial materials and tools, I am to recapture this unusual beauty, inscribing the ephemeral existence of sublime nature onto shimmering metal mesh.


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