Peggy Huff

Using a landscape photo as reference, my work begins with broad areas of color applied onto a surface in a random manner until the concentration of colors and shapes begins to determine how to continue. I proceed by wiping out parts of the painting and adding new layers of acrylic paint using brushes, rags, hands and an array of pencils, scrapers and collage. This process to create and destroy continues in order to capture my immediate impression of the landscape and its contradiction of beauty and chaos.

Instagram: Peggy_huff8

Image featured on this page: Peggy Huff “Cat Cay Slough”

Peggy Huff "Stinson(rain)," 12”x8”, 2019

Peggy Huff “Stinson (rain),” 12”x8”, 2019

Peggy Huff "Stinson (blue)," 18” x 18”, 2019

Peggy Huff “Stinson (blue),” 18” x 18”, 2019

Peggy Huff "Hurricane Irma," 22”x18”, 2019

Peggy Huff “Hurricane Irma,” 22”x18”, 2019

Peggy Huff "Stinson, (white sands)," 10”x10”, 2019

Peggy Huff “Stinson, (white sands),” 10”x10”, 2019


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