Pep Ventosa

In my work I like to explore the nature of the photographic image, the different ways it can take shape. Photographs not singularly recorded by the camera. Some have been reconstructed from dozens to several hundred smaller puzzle pieces, each shot separately. Others were created by overlaying dozens of images to create a new visual representation.

Featured image: Pep Ventosa “Street Car, Yellow”

Pep Ventosa "Bay Bridge and Pilings"

Pep Ventosa “Bay Bridge and Pilings”, photograph

Pep Ventosa, "John's Grill"

Pep Ventosa, “John’s Grill,” photograph

Pep Ventosa, "New York Three"

Pep Ventosa, “New York Three,” photograph

Pep Ventosa, "The Golden Gate"

Pep Ventosa, “The Golden Gate,” photograph



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