Stacey M. Carter

I am an artist whose work offers insight into the changing urban environment through creative observation.  My artworks are layered multi media compositions based on a photograph I take and then transform using a unique combination of skilled printmaking techniques and spontaneous expressionistic painting.

My body of work is a study of how individual experiences define one’s environment.  The subject matter is buildings destined for demolition that represent a past experience I want to preserve.  Much like nostalgia brought on by a forgotten taste, smell or image, mundane buildings and street corners become important symbols of time and place that echo a collective experience. Often it is only through unexpected loss that the value of what has gone is realized.  My work is an acknowledgement of what has passed and its importance to the present.  This past can be any time from just a mere moment ago to something taken many years before. Familiar imagery can freeze time, allowing individual histories to be recalled and shared once more.




Building 101, Studio 2312



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