Stephanie Rossi

While I have always had creative aspirations, it wasn’t until 1996 that I started pursuing art seriously.  I’ve attended classes and workshops in New York, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, but I am mostly self-taught.  My subjects tend to be familiar things that I see everyday in San Francisco. I find beauty in the objects and landscapes we see every day. With that connection, I play with perspective, angles and scale to twist the ordinary, then use light and color to create the painting’s mood or energy.  My paintings have primarily been in watercolor, acrylic, ink and gouache, but will be focusing my new work in encaustic painting. Encaustic painting uses beeswax with pigment as it’s medium. I heat up the wax until it’s molten and paint it onto a firm surface, like wood panels. The beeswax gives the paint a beautiful translucency and the colors are rich and vibrant. This style of painting is hundreds of years old.  I’ve been asked if this type of painting is fragile. Actually it is quite durable and you can find examples of encaustic paintings done by the Egyptians centuries ago. The beeswax and pigment are mixed with damar resin which acts as a hardening agent. It also gives the work a great shiny vibrancy.  My encaustic work picks up with common themes from my watercolors and acrylics. However I am also excited to play with the sculptural aspects of the wax.


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