Wynne Hayakawa

Image featured on this page: Wynne Hayakawa, “Stand,” oil and archival photo print on canvas, 60 by 56 inches, ©2015

Wynne Hayakawa, "A Walk in January,"

Wynne Hayakawa, “A Walk in January,” oil on canvas, mounted onwood panel, 36 by 36 inches, © 2014. Photographer: John Janca

Wynne Hayakawa, "East Ridge"

Wynne Hayakawa, “East Ridge,” oil and archival photo print on canvas, 48 by 72 inches, ©2015. Photographer: John Janca

Wynne Hayakawa "Standing Alone"

Wynne Hayakawa “Standing Alone,” 44 by 36 inches, ©2013

Wynne Hayakawa, "Summer Wood"

Wynne Hayakawa, “Summer Wood,” oil on wood panel, 44 by 36 inches, ©2014


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