Wynne Hayakawa

Image featured on this page: Wynne Hayakawa “Dream and Memory,” 44″ x 44″ (Photographer: John Janca)

Wynne Hayakawa "Sun and Shade"

Wynne Hayakawa “Sun and Shade,” 38 by 30 inches, oil and archival digital print on canvas

Wynne Hayakawa, "East Ridge"

Wynne Hayakawa, “East Ridge,” oil and archival photo print on canvas, 48 by 72 inches, ©2015 (Photographer: John Janca)

Wynne Hayakawa "Standing Alone"

Wynne Hayakawa “Standing Alone,” 44 by 36 inches, ©2013

Wynne Hayakawa, "Summer Wood"

Wynne Hayakawa, “Summer Wood,” oil on wood panel, 44 by 36 inches, ©2014


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