Yu Jean Choi

I create artworks that represents an aspect of the natural world. Each piece is a derivative of a form present in nature.

Nature is source of everything that exist in the world. Because it is the basis of all that lives, I formed a devout admiration for nature, and it has become a paramount influence in my life and artworks. Through my work, I try to understand aforementioned qualities of nature, capture, and project them onto our every day lives.

Nature is revolutionary yet absolute – it is constantly changing and developing, yet never losing its beauty and elegance. While crafting my artwork, I analyze and interpret the quitessential cores of grace that lie among many forms of nature and transform them into sculptures. Rather than creating exact copies of nature, I gather the ideas for my works from nature, then fuse them with my own imagination to make each inspiration come to life in the form of art.

Most of my work encourages interactivity with viewers either through a special function or direct manipulation of the piece. This allows greater understanding of my artworks and reestablish connectivity with parts of nature I wish to portray.

The mediums of metal I work with are copper, brass, nickel, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. Other minor forms of mediums are stones, jewels, glass, wood, LED lights, neon, and leather. The scale of the artworks vary at a wide range with the best size chosen to appropriately display the main concepts of each sculpture. The construction of each piece requires many different skills and techniques. For coloring, chemicals are used for petal patina, with addition of cotton cloths, saw dust, and many others for special texturization. Wax, with or without heat, is applied for finishing touches.



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