Zachary Mohler

I work with acrylic paint and liquid media. Chance is central to the production of my imagery. Decay, death, fatigue, collapse, and ‘drunken’ ecstatic states are embodied therein. I think of most of my work as ‘non-representational’ rather than ‘abstract’ (i.e. Mondrian).

My paintings are all surface. Any percieved depth is unintentional, rather an artefact of human optics and/or cultural habit. I regard my painting as Surreal Expressionism, distinct from Expressionist Painting in general. In Expressionism, the raw brushstroke is important in that it depicts the emotional state of the artist. In my painting, this brushstroke is significantly absent. Nor are the brushstrokes intentionally homogenized, as in Renaissance Painting. In much of my non-representational work, the brushstroke is simply not there. I am not concerned with the depiction of the emotional states of the artist, rather the conflictual state of the individual and society, the psychological rather than the emotional. My paintings are the psychological states themselves.

My work is opposed to the depiction of tepid social narrative, melodramatic or intentionally banal personal histories… It is hostile to overdetermined technical means of art production.

Among my influences are Piet Mondrian, Sigmar Polke, Edouard Manet, Francis Bacon, Gerhardt Richter, Paul Cezanne.


Zachary Mohler drew extensively from a young age, thoughout high school and then some in college, at SFSU, before leaving school to pursue other studies. While he continued to live in San Francisco, he didn’t produce any artwork for five years. Upon moving to the East Bay in 2010, he renewed his interest in art and began to paint for the first time with acrylics and ink. He continues to work in acrylics, painting at his studio in San Francisco. His works are shown in homes in New York, Paris, Oakland, Berkeley, Denver, Marin County, CA, and Fukui, Japan. His other interests including cooking, electric guitar, and poetry.

Zachary Mohler artwork

Zachary Mohler artwork

Zachary Mohler artwork

Zachary Mohler artwork



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