Same-sex marriage panel by Richard Bolingbroke|

Works by Shipyard artist Richard Bolingbroke installed in new Google offices

Richard Bolingbroke has recently completed two large commissioned pieces for the new Google offices in downtown San Francisco. The company requested panels on the theme of Bay Area political and legislative innovators.

Bolingbroke’s first panel reflects San Francisco’s introduction of same-sex marriage in 2004 under Mayor Gavin Newsom. His second (click image below for a larger view) honors the creation of the Point Reyes National Seashore in 1962 and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1972. The innovators it recognizes are Marin Congressman Clem Miller for Point Reyes and Congressmen Phil Burton and Bill Mailliard for the GGNRA.

The same-sex marriage panel is 5 ft x 7 ft and uses collaged paper for the main 5×5 ft panel and laser etched wood for the side lettering. The parks panel is 5 ft x 11 ft and is composed of 5 sections: a Bay Area Map on the left, Muir Woods in the center and Ocean Beach on the right, all collage; and two sections of laser-etched wood stained with charcoal and white chalk.

Point Reyes and GGNRA panel by Richard Bolingbroke

See Richard Bolingbroke’s website for more information.

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