Video: Wynne Hayakawa - A Portrait of a Shipyard Artist

This episode highlights Wynne Hayakawa, a painter best known for her mesmerizing abstracts inspired by trees and the light around them. Her creative process evolves from a fleeting experience in the field to her painted interpretation of the interplay of light, color, pattern and space inherent in that experience.

Hayakawa’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout California and resides in international collections, including The St. Louis Art Museum, Charles Schwab & Co., and the Target Corporation.

“When I go out walking on trails I get hypnotized by the light coming through the trees, and the shadows, the patterns and all that makes. I’m trying to record trees and my fleeting experience of them; these trees may not always be with us.” – Wynne Hayakawa (Building 101, Studio 1107)

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